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MORE ABOUT BluSky Armor™:

Additional Benefits of BluSky Armor™

BluSky Armor™ customers enjoy the benefits of market leadership in quality industrial VOC-free chemistry which meets stringent environmental compliance standards while providing substantial cost savings. Because of the solvent-free formulation of the array of BluSky Armor™ products, our customers may enjoy the following ADDITIONAL BENEFITS:

  • Lower Workman's Compensation & Insurance Costs
  • Reduced Worker Health Absenteeism
  • Minimal Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Compliance with Government Environmental Regulations

In addition to BluSky Armor™ Premium Clear Coat, MSI Coatings offers a full range of products for your interior shop requirements.

They include:

  • BluSky Armor™ Cutting, Buffing and Polishing Compounds specially formulated for BluSky Armor™
  • BluSky Armor™ 1047 Knife Grade Filler Paste – UV-curable in less than 30 seconds
  • BluSky Armor™ 1067 Laminating Resin – UV-cures to an incredibly stable state, replacing epoxy and PE resins
  • MSI Lighting Fixtures to cover the full range of curing requirements. These LED UV lights include spot-curing flashlights, bench lights, wide-swath booth fixtures, and production line grade lighting elements

Product Family Specifications

Browse and download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for each product in the BluSky Armor™ family of clear coating products.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

BluSky Armor Safety Data Sheet BluSky Armor Technical Data Sheet
1007 Matte Satin Safety Data Sheet 1007 Matte Satin Technical Data Sheet
1007 U-Gloss Safety Data Sheet 1007 U-Gloss Technical Data Sheet
1027 Matte Satin Technical Data Sheet 1027 Matte Satin Technical Data Sheet
1027 U-Gloss Safety Data Sheet 1027 U-Gloss Technical Data Sheet
1047 Filler Paste Safety Data Sheet 1047 Filler Paste Technical Data Sheet
1057 Matte Satin Safety Data Sheet 1057 Matte Satin Technical Data Sheet
1057 U-Gloss Safety Data Sheet 1057 U-Gloss Technical Data Sheet
1067 Laminating Resin Safety Data Sheet 1067 Laminating Resin Technical Data Sheet
TruCut 2 Finishing Top Coat Safety Data Sheet TruCut 2 Polishing Protocol Technical Data Sheet

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MSI Coatings, the producer of BluSky Armor™ and related products, has extensive experience in the development and application of photopolymer coatings and structural materials MSI Coatingsacross a wide range of technologies and applications.

MSI’s team of researchers developed this series of VOC-free products specifically formulated for aerospace cabinetry, structural laminates and filler repairs. This new breed of UV-curable formulations has revolutionized the coatings and composite materials segment of the aerospace interiors market sector.

Our team of specialists, who have extensive field experience in high-end prestige manufacturing and repairs, created BluSky Armor™ with the goal of eliminating every conceivable problem experienced by every cabinet shop in the market today.
Today, you can enjoy a system of cabinet finishing that is safe, performance-driven and, well . . . FAST


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